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Bilingual  Hebrew-English Thesaurus of Idioms and Phrases.

  • How do you say "kiss and tell" in Hebrew?


  • What is an אסקופה נדרסת ?


  • Why shouldn't you translate "tread on his toes" as דרך לו על היבלת ?


  • What is the difference between
    אין בו מתום  and אין בו דופי ?


Find the answers to these and other questions in this bilingual thesaurus.
DictioNeri is the perfect tool for teachers, students, translators, editors, writers, and Hebrew and English lovers interested in finding an idiomatic equivalent to a phrase in the other language.

The basic thesaurus contains some 10,000 expressions in Hebrew and English, arranged by subject, with indication of UK or USA English. It can help you pick the right equivalent from a variety of synonymous or related options.


Thesaurus of Idioms and Phrases
Neri Sevenier's English-Hebrew idiomatic translation dictionary

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Firstfrom your collection.

Firstfrom your collection.

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