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So how do I use this dictionary?

Glad you joined us! The search in DictioNeri is simple. You can look up either a word or a topic.

Important note: look at the entire group of idioms in each entry – not line by line. It's the whole bunch in Hebrew that translates the whole bunch in English.

When looking for the equivalent of a known expression, search for a word within the phrase – a single word, please. You will see a drop-down list of all phrases in which your word appears on a green background.

If there are too many results, look for another word in the idiom with CTRL F.


For more details, click on the one you want and you'll be able to see the phrase within its semantic field (section) on an orange background. There you will be able to see indicators such as:

  • Formal register - an icon showing a written page; and informal register - an icon showing a talking head

  • British or American English (flag icons)

  • "See also:" refers you to a related semantic field or a related idiom in another section.

  • "Unlike:" warns you of idioms that are similar in form but different in meaning (false friends, or form-based false cognates)


To convey a particular idea, look at the table of contents or choose a chapter and a section and see what they can propose.


Indicates an informal register


Indicates a formal register


Indicates a phrase used mostly in American English


Indicates a phrase used mostly in British English

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